This is a partnership!

Our Mission

Our mission is to help housing agencies create a footprint, typically starting with a new website or a website redesign project and evolving into a long-term relationship built on analytics and improvement.

We believe that when it comes to offering the best possible customer experience, communication is key. We are open and available throughout the website design and development process so that no detail in your project is missed.

We leverage technology so that our clients can focus on running their business.

We concentrate on all things web, from website design to complicated mobile applications and everything in between


The core of HA Web Solutions is built on the 17 + years of integrity, competence, and innovation created by the Housing Agency Marketplace. Simply talk to any member of our team and you will quickly sense we’re on the cutting edge provide value to the housing agency industry.

We believe our longevity in this industry and our repeat business are proof positive of our commitment to delivering outstanding results for our clients

Simple, Elegant Design & Development

The most effective solutions are those having a simple design, with clean, elegant elements that don’t overwhelm the user. We create simple and impactful websites presenting information in a comfortable and concise flow for users to view. By keeping things simple, we help minimize issues related to browser incompatibility, usability flaws and design bugs.